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What to Expect: experienced, dedicated, and efficient HR and personnel consultants working to find the best match for you and our client companies.

Process & Registration

Send in Your Resume
Send your resume along with a brief cover email describing your skills to permtemp@aol.com. Be sure to send your resume saved as a Microsoft Word or an Adobe PDF file.

Once received, one of our recruiters will review your resume to determine if your skills match any of our open positions. If so, that recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview at our agency.  If your experience does not match a current opening, we will retain your resume for any future opportunities. 

Click here to download our application. Please bring it with you to your appointment.

The interview process
Think of this as a dress rehearsal for an interview with a prospective employer. At your interview you will need the following: a completed application (click here to download a copy), a copy of your resume and a list of professional references, including names and phone numbers. If you are interested in temporary work, you will be required to provide documents that establish both identity and employment eligibility in the United States.

During the interview, you will likely be asked to rate your proficiency level with MSOffice and other computer programs. It is important for us to have as accurate an estimate as possible!  Prior to your interview, we recommend accessing Microsoft Office’s free online skills assessment and testing program. There you can choose from a wide array of programs and levels to test your skills, or obtain additional training. The free module can be accessed at http://learning.microsoft.com/Manager/Catalog.aspx?